Touching Eternity: It's Time to Believe! (MP3)

Touching Eternity: It's Time to Believe! (MP3)

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Jesus' inflamed desire for you is beyond knowledge or analysis. He drinks of your love, feasts on your adoration, is moved powerfully by your worship.

Lacking nothing, but you complete Him.

Not needing a thing, yet longing for more of you. The Splendor of God is that Jesus finds delight in the immature and incomplete ones, watching with ecstatic joy as we grow up into the image of Christ. You are His photograph and you will be developed one day, looking exactly like the one you worship.

It's time to believe that you can touch and embrace andlay hold of eternal life!

It's time to BELIEVE!

This is a 6-part audio MP3 download.

Originally recorded at: Victory Christian Center, Houston, TX.